Friendly Behaviour

Our hallmark is the warmth and friendly behavior of our staff which is our best resource in all our farms.

All the farm stays have non- air-conditioned and clean accommodations that have been our hallmark in the last 50 years of our experience in the plantation industry.

Safety and Hygiene

The camping facility is designed to ensure a visitor to any of the farms, safety, hygiene food, water and clean and comfortable accommodation.

In all the farms children have a play area both indoors and outdoors. There are trek tracks designed to challenge visitors to accomplish a good brisk trek in the farms.

All farms are staffed with attendants who are well mannered. Many of them have endeared to the visitors to the farms and we are happy to notice their inherent hospitality traits.

Organic Farming

The farms generally encourage organic methods of farming. We try our level best to avoid using plastics in farmkamps. The usage of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides are discouraged to a large extend. Wherever possible we try growing local vegetables and using the milk of the local varieties of cattle.

All the farmkamps  are active in cultivation of crops best suited for the local climate conditions .

The  traditional cropping followed in the locality is adopted in the farmkamps. The visitors to the farms are welcome to try their hands on getting an experience in various cultivation practices followed in these farms.

Local Cuisine

Be it rubber tapping, tea picking or coffee plucking or just getting a feel of earth by planting vegetable seeds ; our guests are most welcome to try out anything that may attract their interest in these farms.

Even familiarization with the local cuisine practices are encouraged in our farmkamps.

Nature walks, treks and fishing is also an attraction in the farmkamps  in addition to vacation by just doing nothing!!!!